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Sunday Lunch – Vodka Infused Watermelon

In Kitchen Tips, Sunday Lunch on July 11, 2010 at 7:39 pm


Sometimes, when it’s really, really hot, a crazy cool-down idea will take shape around here.

Like injecting a watermelon with vodka — circa Lollapalooza ’93 — which is the last (and more age-appropriate) time I considered using a syringe to introduce alcohol into fruit.  Back then it was a scheme to get booze past the festival gate checkpoint — a scheme we never got around to actually attempting… Read the rest of this entry »


Top Five Friday: How to Use Garlic Scapes

In Kitchen Tips, Top 5 Friday on July 2, 2010 at 5:01 am


If you’ve been out at a Farmer`s Market in the last couple of weeks, you`ve probably seen bundles of these little curly-cues for sale.  Known as garlic greens, flowers or scapes — they are harvested from the tops of garlic plants at this time of yearby many growers in order to send all of the sun`s energy to the bulb developing under the soil.

Love the look and idea of these things but unsure how to use them?

Well, it’s Top Five Friday, so here are my 5 best ideas for incorporating garlic scapes into your everyday cuisine…

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Golden Beet & Goat Cheese Salad, Tomato-Jalapeno Vinaigrette

In Island Life, Kitchen Tips on June 26, 2010 at 11:30 am


Don’t have a lot on my plate today — as if you didn’t notice.

Pender Island Cobb Salad

In Island Life, Kitchen Tips, Recipes on May 13, 2010 at 5:03 am


  • Galloping Goose Bacon & Fennel Confit
  • Cold BC Spot Prawns on blanched Washington Asparagus
  • BC New Potato Salad with Yellow Pepper Romesco
  • BC Tomato, Cucumber and Red Onion Salad with a Salted Meyer Lemon vinaigrette
  • Hard-boiled Pender Island Eggs
  • All on a bed of local lettuce, baby kale and dandelion greens.

Seasonal, sustainable, local, foraged, a fridge cleaner — and a freakin’ amazing dinner, if I do say so myself.

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Sunday Lunch – Shrimp Salad Club

In Kitchen Tips, Sunday Lunch on May 9, 2010 at 7:22 am


Shrimp salad on a toasted kaiser with bacon, lettuce, tomato and cucumber –aka the Shrimp Salad Club.

I like sandwiches.  I like sandwiches very much indeed.

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Hand Knitted Dishclothes

In Island Life, Kitchen Tips on May 9, 2010 at 7:01 am


So much more colourful than last years batch! I finally settled on a permanent pattern as well — knitting is enjoyably mindless when you have a simple pattern to guide you.

The yarn is Bernat Handicrafter Cotton, and I used a set of (2) 5mm needles (US size 8).  I don’t do gauges, but I can tell you that I make my dishclothes about 8″x8″ (20cm x 20cm) – do the math if you want, or just work by trial and error.

(And yes, I know that my conversions in parentheses are inconsistent.  Sometimes I work in metric, sometimes I work in imperial.  It’s a Canadian thing.) Read the rest of this entry »

Olive Oil Poached Salmon with Salted Citrus Gremolata

In Kitchen Tips, Recipes on April 30, 2010 at 10:39 am


Exotic & luxurious sounding, but quick and easy to cook — any night of the week.  Served with a mixed rice pilaf and a small side salad, we were feasting on rich, moist (but not oily) salmon in under an hour…

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3 Pates in 1 Single Day – Sucree, Breton…& Foncer

In Kitchen Tips, Lessons From Cooking School on April 29, 2010 at 5:01 am


Friday may have been the last day of class, but there’s never any slacking off at the San Francisco Baking Institute.  (seriously.)

On the calendar for Day 5:  Chocolate Salted Caramel Tart, Quiche, Strawberry Breton Tart and Tarte Bourdaloue.

Yes, that’s 4 “tarts” from 3 doughs — no time for dilly-dallying.

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Choux Pastry at the San Francisco Baking Institute

In Kitchen Tips, Lessons From Cooking School on April 20, 2010 at 5:01 am


This little fella is a Paris-Brest, named after the predecessor to the Tour de France. It`s a pastry made from choux, a classic french dough used to make eclairs, gougeres, cream puffs, Parisian Gnocchi and another few dozen other good things…

Today was my first day in a week-long course at the San Francisco Baking Institute. A gift I planned long ago to soften the blow of a milestone birthday hitting me later this week. (I`ll let you guess the number.) Read the rest of this entry »

How I Used My Preserved Lemons, Limes & Tangerines

In Kitchen Tips on April 7, 2010 at 5:01 am

moroccan preserved lemons, limes, tangerines

A while back, I had a bit of a salt-curing extravaganza.  I preserved some Meyer lemons, some sweet limes and some tangerines.

After the work was done, I had a sleepless night of excitement dreaming up all the ways I would use my precious citrus.   It was a sugar plums dancing in their heads kind of moment.  (Some people never grow up.) Read the rest of this entry »