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Lemon, Lime & Orange Ice Cream

In Recipes on June 24, 2010 at 7:03 pm


Cheater (no yolks, no cooking — i.e. fast) homemade ice cream with intense, tangy citrus flavour.

My kinda summertime treat.

preserved-orange-peel preserved-orange-peel

The inspiration for this ice cream came from Cooking with Michele — I added the orange zest to her lemon and lime, thereby completing the citrus trinity.

In truth, I used the rind of 1 preserved tangerine that I have leftover from that citrus happy day in early February, but the zest of a large orange will do the trick if you haven`t gotten around to preserving some oranges yourself.

One other note:  Michele`s original recipe called for half and half, but I had whipping cream in the fridge, so I lightened it up with a bit of milk.


Mixing the lemon and lime juice with the cream and milk curdles it slightly, but the high fat content of the cream (or half and half if you choose to use that) preserves a smooth and creamy texture.

Lemon, Lime & Orange Ice Cream
Serves 6 — approx  3 cups

Sugar 1 C 250 ml
Orange Zest 1 orange
Lemons, juiced 2
Limes, juiced 2
Whipping Cream 1 ½ C 375 ml
Milk ½ C 125 ml
Salt Pinch

C=cup               ml=millilitres

Blend the sugar and orange zest in a food processor until it is the texture of wet sand.  Combine the lemon and lime juice to total ½ cup.  Add the juice to the sugar, and process until dissolved, approx 2 minutes.

Combine the sugar and juice with the cream, milk and salt in a large bowl.  Pour into an ice cream maker and continue as per the maker’s instructions.

Remove from the ice cream maker into a container with lid, and freeze until firm, about 2 hours.

Serve in chilled glasses or bowls.

This is rich stuff – a little goes a long way.



  1. Oooooohhhhh… I am going to try this with coconut milk (because I’m vegan). It sounds absolutely AMAZING! If it turns out, may I blog about it (with proper credit and a link here of course!!)?

  2. This does sound and look fantastic. I may have to try it too!

  3. I am having a strong urge to get out my ice cream maker and make some of this right now! It sounds so refreshing.

  4. This sounds so wonderful! Very refreshing:)

  5. I always order lemon sorbet when we go to the local ice cream place. This looks good……

  6. Is that really how you make it? These flavors are THE BEST.

  7. fabulous 🙂 I’ve love lemon icecreams. Never did it with the orange zest though!

  8. FAb!!!! I must try this. Easy!

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