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The Spinach Wars?

In Did You Know on June 18, 2010 at 12:22 pm

spinach-gone-to-seedphoto by grevillea.

Have a look at a small selection of the names of organic spinach seed varieties currently available in Canada:

Dolphin, Whale, Butterfly and Strawberry.

Compare those with the names Seminis, Monsanto’s global seeds brand for open field crops, gives to their spinach seeds:

Avenger, Hellcat, Interceptor, MIG and Tigercat.

Cetaceans, an insect & fruit VS war bombers & missiles.

I feel like some of us are about to be caught with our pants down.  Seriously.

  1. I am growing spinach this year, and mine just does not look that happy. Thank you for the information:)

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