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Tuesday Dooze – Linked

In Tuesday Dooze on June 15, 2010 at 5:01 am


We may live on an island, but that doesn’t guarantee sandy beaches.

Not that we’re complaining — he’s content to turn over every rock on every beach in his perpetual hunt for crabs, while I focus my gaze on the rocky path ahead and absorb the silence between the calls of the birds and the waves against the shore.

Walking side by side, each taking our own path.

And somehow, we always end up back at the car at the same time.

  1. Love this shot! We have a Jindo too, but she won’t go near the water.

    • Thanks! Koda is acutually a Shiba Inu — a Japanese breed…I had to google Jindos — they look just like Koda (except a little bigger!). Thanks for stopping by!

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