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Sunday Lunch – Pulled Lamb Flatbread

In Sunday Lunch on June 6, 2010 at 7:01 am


We loved this — talked about it for 2 days — that said, once you learn the number of steps involved to get it to its ultimate end , it’s highly unlikely that you’ll want to attempt it — even if you could find some “lamb riblets” – which is what these delectable Lamb Flat Bread Sandwiches started out as before I cooked the bejesus out of them.

To get them to the state you see in the photo above, I:

  1. Trimmed
  2. Broiled
  3. Braised
  4. Cooled
  5. Pulled
  6. Fried
  7. Served

Seven steps and about 5 hours to taste nirvana.  Is great taste worth that kind of time?

lamb-ribs-silverskin lamb-ribs-skin-removed

First, with my super sharp filet knife, I trimmed the ribs and removed the thick membrane covering some of them —  I could have made a patchwork-hot-air balloon out of that membrane it was so thick– let’s just say it wasn’t your average silverskin…

Then I seasoned the ribs with s+p, and put them under the broiler to brown the fat.

After that, they took a long ride (4 hours) in the slow cooker with their friends:  fresh rosemary, bay, cumin seeds and a little beef stock.


After letting them cool, I pulled the meat from the bones, and picked out and discarded the little bits of fat and gristle that remained.

To complete the donairification of the lamb, I fried in in a hot DRY  cast iron with ground coriander, chili flakes, some chopped fresh oregano and s+p until crisp, but not too dry.

There was enough meat from 1lb of raw ribs to pile 2 flatbreads high.  Lettuce, grilled peppers and sumac yoghurt served as accompaniments, and we all lived happily ever after — in the end, from $5 worth of the previously unheard of riblets came a pretty awesome late afternoon Sunday lunch/dinner dinner for the 2 of us, and bones and broth to make a week’s worth of fortified stock for little Koda-Bear.

But at the end of the day,  it was more work and time than most sane people would devote to dinner, never mind Sunday Lunch.

lettuce red-pepper shredded-lamb-donair

  1. Wow! I met the world famous “Douze” at Browning yesterday while picking up some crab. I feel like I met a famous celebrity! What a handsome, charming young man. I found out we share a fondness your ship spotting … particularly big container cargo freighters
    P.S. Met a friend of Douze’s – some fellow named Howard. He seemed very nice … lol.

  2. We have a small lamb obsession and this might just add fuel to the fire. We got a leg yesterday and half got grilled on the Big Green Egg for lunch into leg steaks, a Bourdain-inspired preparation. The other half will be tacos tonight- can’t wait! Riblets are delicious and your preparation looks just yummy!

  3. Well worth the effort. I love lamb and this looks wonderful.

  4. this looks great. i made a couple of pizzas the other day using my artisan bread dough and I know they’d make great flatbreads. The idsh looks wonderful.

  5. Wow, so much patience but it looks like it was worth it! 🙂

  6. Excellent…Looks fantastic!

  7. This looks spectacular. Totally worth the work, I bet 🙂

  8. Hi, Theresa. This is very informative and makes me want to go over to Saturna for their Canada Day lamb roast – have you ever been there for it??



    • Dan, sadly I have never made it to Saturna for the lamb roast. I vow every year to make it, and this year is no different!

  9. 5 hours eh? wow I’d still make em’ looks fab! Plus Lamb is one of my absolute fav meats

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