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Tuesday Dooze – The Lookout

In Tuesday Dooze on June 1, 2010 at 5:02 am

shiba inu on the lookout

Koda (aka Douglas Doozley) had a bit of a fixation with the woodpile in the shed this past winter.  More specifically, his focus was on the nest of mice under that pile.  Now that winter is over and the wood is gone, so are the mice, and so is the Dooze`s fascination with the shed.

Only to be replaced by cargo ship chasing — no more slow ambles along the shore for this family.

ship off brooks point, south pender island

Once the ship has been spotted, his our course is set.  The shoreline birds are saved from the chase and the sea life in the tidal pools are safe from dexterous paws and a nosy snout.

koda - shiba inu cargo ship, south pender island, bc

Instead, he is intent on the path of a freighter half a mile off shore.  He runs a few paces, then stands, watching, as the ship catches up. His excitement is palpable.  The air is ELECTRIC.

Ok, that’s a bit over the top — but, to be honest, if it weren’t for my red-neck-four-finger whistle, I don’t think we’d be able to stop him.


  1. Oh so glad Dooze & Dakota & have met. A pic would be real sweet.Still wondering if you have met my son Brendan Maillett? He works (Stevenson Construction) & lives on Pender.Till next Tues.Have a great week,Judi,in cold but nice Nova Scotia.

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