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Losing My Morels

In Island Life on May 31, 2010 at 10:57 am


Wild Morels.  The stuff my magic mushroom dreams are made of.

No hallucinogenic visions– just earthy, savoury, umami-laden delights  — that is, if I can find mine.

Because somewhere between the food festival in Victoria where I bought these, and boarding the ferry for the return trip home, I lost them.  I think I left them in the bathroom in the ferry terminal — a trip to the terminal`s lost and found got me some strange looks, but none of my missing Morels.

That night, I asked myself what I would have done if I had found a brown lunch bag full of fresh morels in the ladies`washroom.  And to be honest, I found my morel-morals to be a little loose.  

Pre-emptive Karma  — gotta love it.

  1. Oh no! I hope you find them…but you must have made someone really happy with a found bag of morels! =) Cute.

  2. when I first read your post I thought it was a play on words…with your morals…..
    sorry to hear about your loss….I’m sure you would have made good use of them!

  3. your morels are impeccable!!!

  4. Well at least someone using the restroom at the ferry terminal will be more than pleased:(
    Can one live without morels?

  5. That’s a shame. I’d hate to lose them!

  6. Noooo… that’s such a shame! If you ever get some more, I have a few morel recipes on my blog: http://www.athoughtforfood.net I love those little guys. So delicious…

  7. that sucks! but maybe someone will read this and you’ll find something equally delicious 🙂

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