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Sunday Lunch – Flatbread Pizza

In Sunday Lunch on May 30, 2010 at 7:01 am


A Fridgecleaner Flatbread Pizza that would have had Odysseus home years earlier.

Leftover flatbread dough, partially cooked on the stovetop, then dressed with pizza sauce from the freezer, mozzarella, mushrooms and onions, and browned in our workhorse of a countertop convection oven.

Out of the oven, we dressed them with leftover basil oil, freshly roasted red peppers, cilantro rescued from the vegetable drawer and one of my very favourite locally produced preserves…


Pickled Garlic Scapes made by Susan at Charman Farms.  Insanely tasty — a grown-up pickle, and the crown of laurel on my pizza worthy of Homer (Simpson, that is.)


roasted red pepper cilanto flatbread pizza

  1. I love recipes like this that clean out the frig. It sounds like you like your countertop convection oven. I’m thinking about getting one. I have tons of appliances on the countertop, but this one sounds like it’s worth it.

    • I would highly recommend our Krups countertop convection oven — it was less than $200, but we use it almost everynight. It`s faster than our regular oven, uses way less energy — and it`s the perfect size for 2!! Strangely, it takes a VERY LONG time to toast bread — my only complaint.

  2. I believe I can easily finish 2 pieces straight!

  3. funny, someone was asking about those garlic flower pickles earlier today! thanks for the plug,

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