Quick Bites from Pender

Tuesday Dooze – The Nutcracker

In Tuesday Dooze on May 25, 2010 at 5:11 am


Now if that doesn’t make you smile, then you really are one tough nut.  


  1. The 1st. time i saw a pic of Dozer,i thought it was my brother’s dog, Dakota. Richard & Dakota live on Pender. I’m sure u know them.

    • Actually, Judi, I just met Richard and Dakota on Sunday, when they stopped and introduced themselves! Howard and Koda (the Dooze) have seen Richard and Dakota a couple of times — but we haven`t managed to capture a photo yet — they are identical — except for the 100 lb weight difference!

  2. Sorry i spelled his name wrong. It’s Dooze,lol .I’ll get it right. Forgot to mention my son lives there also. Brendan Maillett. Do u know him?

  3. Been meaning to ask, what breed is he?

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