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Choux Pastry at the San Francisco Baking Institute

In Kitchen Tips, Lessons From Cooking School on April 20, 2010 at 5:01 am


This little fella is a Paris-Brest, named after the predecessor to the Tour de France. It`s a pastry made from choux, a classic french dough used to make eclairs, gougeres, cream puffs, Parisian Gnocchi and another few dozen other good things…

Today was my first day in a week-long course at the San Francisco Baking Institute. A gift I planned long ago to soften the blow of a milestone birthday hitting me later this week. (I`ll let you guess the number.)


Choux can be tricky. It`s one of those things that is a little different everytime you make it…here, our instructor, Juliette, is showing us what a ready-to-go choux dough looks like: Smooth and shiny, and drops from the spoon in a nice, even V.

piping demo

We also learned the professional way to load up a piping bag, and how to pipe even, consistent eclairs.  Tomorrow we get to fill them…


  1. what fun you must be having…it looks great..so shiny


  2. This is absolutely the best way to reward oneself no matter what the number. It will add sweetness forever and a day.

  3. a perfectly memorable gift for a milestone – Happy Birthday –

    • Thanks to everyone for their birthday wishes! I will be officially 40 in 3 hours…and I don’t think I could’ve had a better week!

  4. WOW!!! looks awesome…Looking fwd to seeing the filling!!

    Happy Birthday!!!

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