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Sunday Lunch – Cold Frikadeller on Mt. Norman, Pender Island

In Sunday Lunch on April 18, 2010 at 6:00 am


Koda and I took a walk up Mt. Norman on South Pender Island last week.  The new viewpoint is a lovely place to have a picnic lunch…an open-faced sandwich with cold frikadeller, lettuce, red pepper, crispy fried onions and mayo on MBM’s Seedy Light Rye.

Frikadeller?  It’s a Danish cross between a meatloaf and a meatball, you pronounce it much differently than it’s spelled, and it makes probably the best meatloaf/meatball style sandwich in the universe.


A sandwich worthy of the view:

frikadeller with a view

Don’t mind the absence of the Dooze (Koda) in these photos.  He conked out for a nap right after we got to the top.


I sat on the rough cedar benches, drank in the sun and munched happily on my mini smorgasbord.  I quenched my thirst with a half a Merridale Cyser Cider…STRONG and refreshing…a perfect picnic lunch after a long walk up.




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