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Hot-Cross Focaccia Buns

In Kitchen Tips on March 31, 2010 at 5:01 am


I’m not a big fan of hot-cross buns.  It’s a dried fruit thing.  Which is weird, ’cause I like dried fruit (as you’re about to find out).

Moving on…

I may not be a fan, but hot-cross buns are big this week in foodblog land — there’s no food so quintessentially Easter — so I may as well have a crack at it.


Peter Reinhart’s Raisin Focaccia Bread IS a favourite around here (see what I mean about liking dried fruit?), so it was a small leap in my tiny brain to disguise a batch of that as hot-cross buns.

I divided the dough up, piped on some crosses, and glazed the buns hot out of the oven.

They looked great!  Delicious!



The thing is, they were a bit heavy.  Too dense.  I wouldn’t do it this way again.

As for I would make them next time? Come visit the Pender Islands’ Farmer’s Market this Saturday — swing by my table and sample a free mini hot-cross focaccia bun.  You be the judge and see if I get them right!


  1. Oh man, and I just bought Tru Value’s gluey excuse for a hot cross bun. This is no fair! lol

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