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Sunday Lunch – Brown Bagging It

In Sunday Lunch on March 28, 2010 at 8:38 am


Montreal smoked meat, lettuce, pickle, mayo and grainy mustard on sprouted wheat bread.

I made this for Howard to take to work, who promptly forgot it.   I wrapped it up anyway — it was a gorgeous sunny day, perfect for the short scooter ride to his office.  Just as I was heading out the door, he called to tell me the whole office was going out to celebrate a birthday.  Sandwich not needed…

I had a sunny day, a pre-made lunch, and a dog looking for some action, so we headed down to Boat Nook for an impromptu picnic and adventure.

Look at the treasure we found!  Luckily, the Dooze was there to stand guard while I ate my lunch.  It’s good to have a friend who has your back.


  1. Hi, Theresa. I thought I’d check out your blog, as this crazy wind tonight is keeping me up! Now I want a smoked meat sandwich, too.

    BTW, the kids at the school on our island made maple blossom fritters last year, as part of the foraging efforts here. It’s another option for you to contemplate.


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