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Iced Irish Coffee

In Recipes on March 16, 2010 at 5:01 am


Some may celebrate with a green macaroon or cupcake, but ’round here, we pull out the whiskey on St. Paddy’s Day.

Join us won’t you?

Creamy and smooth, these aren’t overly strong.  Use both ounces of whiskey only if you want to embrace your inner Malachy McCourt.

Iced Irish Coffees

Serves 4

Large Ice Cubes 10
Whipping Cream ½ C 125 ml
Sugar 1 T 15 ml
Irish Whiskey 1-2 oz 30-60 ml
Coffee Extract 3-4 T 45-60 ml

C=Cup       ml=millilitres        T=Tablespoon     oz=ounces

Blend 6 ice cubes, cream and sugar in a blender until the ice is crushed and smooth.  Add the whiskey and coffee extract and blend quickly to combine.

Divide the remaining ice cubes into 4 glasses.  Pour the iced coffee over and slàinte!


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