Quick Bites from Pender

Death of the Rover

In Island Life on March 14, 2010 at 7:13 am


Number 6?  Is it really you?  Where have you been? I have been waiting…if I promise not to hurt you, will you come closer?  You’re so far away…


That’s better…now I can see.  Wait.  You’re not Number 6!  You’re…you’re…WHO are you?  And where is Number 6?


Perhaps he did get out — discarded his number, gained his name — became a free man once more.


I myself have been called by many names.  Rover…Guardian…Headmaster — all empty titles with everyone gone.

I’m tired.  Look at me…they have left me here to rust and fade — to die — after all that I gave them.

Perhaps John Drake was right after all.

  1. Very cool … once in a blue moon capture. Thx for that.

  2. Ooooo…so sweet! I love this!

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