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Otter Bay to Swartz

In Island Life on March 7, 2010 at 3:05 pm


I’ve been offline for the past few days…life has taken me into Sidney/Victoria more times than I would have liked this week, which is pretty much an all day affair each time.  (Can you hear all of the violins playing the sob story of my island life?)


My computer had a complete mental and physical breakdown a couple of nights ago — flashing, scary blue screens filled with error messages, successive safe mode restarts, you name it, my computer did it — on it’s own — without me even touching it.  In fact, I was in the kitchen cooking dinner, while Howard kept his eye on it, giving me the play-by-play.



Two hours later, with the computer somewhat more subdued (did Howard slip it a sedative?), I quickly copied everything important to an external hard drive, and relaxed with a drink, knowing that I had just come very close to losing pretty much all of my work on that computer.  (Is there anyone out there who backs up religiously?  Just want to know if I’m the only one who hasn’t yet learned from the multiple computer meltdowns in my life.)



As a last act of service, my computer held it together long enough for me to do surf my way to a new computer.  Normally I would just buy it online and wait for free delivery, but the terminal nature of my computer’s condition, I wanted a replacement at the ready.



So I boarded the first ferry into Swartz Bay the next morning, and took the bus into town to buy my new little baby.  And by little I mean LITTLE.  It’s 11.6″ — basically a laptop in a netbook’s clothing.


Not bad for a scenic route to the store, eh?

  1. Once or twice a month is plenty for me, thank you very much. Traffic, traffic, traffic!

    BTW: I came across a fantastic pic of a watermelon shark on-line. I don’t know how to upload it here … If you have any ideas I’d be happy to share it with you and readers on this site.

  2. I leave the island less and less. This is partly due to expense but more to a distaste for the noise and too many people. And to think that once I wouldn’t live anywhere but London or Paris!!

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