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Sunday Lunch – Harissa Wings w/ Preserved Lemon-Blue Cheese Dip

In Recipes, Sunday Lunch on March 7, 2010 at 10:59 am


I used my Preserved Meyer Lemons for the first time!


These wings have the flavours of North Africa all over them.  Preserved lemons (Meyer lemons, actually), Harissa spice, olive oil, honey and parsley.  And when the caramelized, sweet and spicy wings meet the blue cheese dips with hints of lemon and fresh bursts of mint, you may as well go hobble the camel for the night.  You’ll be here until the plate is licked clean.


Harissa spice blends vary — spicy, sweet, smoky, etc.  Adjust the amount of spice according to your blend and your tastes.  The ones I made were slightly spicy — next time I may use 1 more Tablespoon of Harissa.

I served these with cucumber slices and blanched fennel wedges.

Moroccan Wings with Preserved Lemon Blue Cheese Dip

Yield:  Serves 4

Chicken Wings, separated 2.5 lb 1 kg +
Harissa Spice Blend 2 T 30 ml
Olive Oil 2 T 30 ml
Honey 2 T 30 ml
Parsley, chopped roughly 2 T 30 ml
Rind & Flesh from Preserved Lemon, rinsed well,seeds removed, rind chopped roughly 1 whole lemon
s+p TT
Blue Cheese Dip:
Blue Cheese, crumbled ½ C 125 ml
Sour Cream ½ C 125 ml
Olive Oil 2 T 30 ml
Lemon Juice 1 T 15 ml
Preserved Lemon, rind only ½ lemon
Fresh Mint Leaves, chiffonade 2 T
s+p TT

lb=pound       kg=kilograms       C=Cup       T=Tablespoon

ml=millilitres     TT=to taste

Rinse and dry the wings.

Using an immersion blender, combine the remaining wing ingredients to form an (almost) smooth paste, seasoning with s+p to taste.

Toss the wings and paste in a large bowl, and allow to marinate, covered, in the fridge, for 30-60 minutes.

Combine the blue cheese, sour cream, olive oil, lemon juice and rind in a small bowl.  Mash with a fork to combine the flavours.  Stir in the mint and season lightly.  Cover and place in the fridge.

Preheat the oven to 375 F.

Arrange the wings on a rack, set inside a cookie pan.  Cook the wings until browned on the top, about 30 minutes.  Flip, then cook until brown on the second side.

Serve with the dip and veggie sticks.  Great cold too!


  1. These look so incredibly sophisticated and irresistible. It’s great when you can tug on people’s comfort food strings while delivering interesting food. I love the chopped preserved lemons! and cucumber wedges seem like a clear upgrade to the celery ribs I’d expect.

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