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Our Vancouver 2010 Olympic Visit

In Island Life on March 2, 2010 at 5:01 am

Captain Canada at the Olympics

Howard and I journeyed into Vancouver to check out the Olympics.  It’s a $2 billion Bonspiel — you better believe we’re going to enjoy the party.  And you KNOW it’s a party when Captain Canada comes out to explain that it will be over an hour to get on the Aquabus from this point in the line.


So we checked out some of the sites on the Island, including Swiss House (normally Bridges Restaurant), and then walked across Granville Street Bridge:



Next, we explored downtown Vancouver.  So many people having such a great time!  The weather showed Vancouver at it’s very best and brought out more people than I have ever seen.  And everybody was in such a good mood – patient, patriotic and proud.  CANADA everywhere!



I’m a reformed city-turned-island girl now, so after a while the crowds started to press in on me.  We took a stroll on Vancouver’s seawall to take a break:




Then it was time to get back in the game, so we joined the crowd outside and watched the short track speed skating.  We had high hopes, but they weren’t to be that night.


We ended the night with a self-portrait in front of the (fuzzy) rings…


…and a viewing of the Olympic Flame.


I still think it’s crazy to spend $2 billion on anything, but I must say that the energy in Vancouver the weekend we were there was contagious.  I just wonder how bad the hangover is going to be.

  1. I’m so glad you went. And took these photos. And shared this. Because I missed the whole dang thing. Shameful, I know. LOVE the flame. LOVE Canada. LOVE Vancouver. Miss it. Missed it. Gah.

    • We struggled with whether to go — we were not in favour of the games because of the expense. But as the excitement grew, it was hard to stay bitter about it — and even harder not to go check it out. I`m really happy we went — never seen Vancouver so energized!

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