Quick Bites from Pender

Brooks Point, South Pender Island

In Island Life on March 1, 2010 at 4:51 am


Our little island is very close to the US/Canada border.  So close that, on a clear day, you can get a pretty good picture of Mount Baker in Washington.

The sun was out in all its splendour last week, so we drove down to the South Island for a leisurely walk around Brook’s Point, near the southern-most tip of the Penders.


The tide was low, so we were able to walk along the shore for a ways…


Past the “Chess Shack” (which is always open when we pass, even on the stormiest days — except today, the most beautiful day we’ve had yet this year).  That’s OK…you can see the table, chairs and chess board another day.


Howard and the Dooze checked out some bird life on the shore.  I’ve seen that look from Koda before — you can be sure he’s plotting the demise of one of our fine feathered friends.  We’re trying to cure him of that kind of anti-social behaviour…


…with little success — he is a hunter.  For example, he could stalk crabs all day.  I made the mistake of showing him one under a rock on one of first walks down at the beach.  He’s been flipping over rocks with his paw ever since.


Doesn’t it look like I’ve caught a moment?  Actually, he’s yelling at the dog, with increasing urgency, to keep away from the dead starfish on the rocks.  NO licking allowed, and the nose must remain at least 1 inch away from the carcass of interest.  At least 2 of us remember what happened the last time the rules were broken.

All of this drama almost resulted in us forgetting to take more gratuitous shots of Mt. Baker:




Thank goodness we didn’t lose our heads altogether.


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