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Walk to Boat Nook

In Island Life on February 14, 2010 at 5:01 am


When you see it from the Dooze’s point of view, you can understand why he was a bit upset.  We had walked down Schooner Way, past Firehall #1 and Magic Lake Park, past Privateers Road, Pirates Road, Cutlass Court and Capstan Lane on our way to the Boat Nook ocean access — only to have our plan foiled…

His Obama factor struggled with his lesser-know inner Palin as he thought about going rogue…


But as happened in real life, common sense won out, and the Prez and I spent a relaxing few moments enjoying the view:



Too soon, it was time to go.


There’s dinner to make, blogs to post, and a long hill to climb home.


  1. And a great day was had by all …

  2. I wonder what they’re up to with the construction. Anyone know?

  3. I love your pics of the Doozes. Thanks for a wonderful blog; I so enjoy it.

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