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Tuesday Dooze – Shed Time

In Tuesday Dooze on February 9, 2010 at 5:02 am


There’s mice under there somewhere.  We can all hear them, but he is OBSESSED by them.  Shed Time, as it has come to be known, is a daily ritual around here.  And when I say ritual, I mean multi-step-full-on ritual.  There are 4 distinct stages to Shed Time:

Stage 1

Anticipation/Planning – he is a contemplative little man, our Dooze.  He likes to think about things for a bit before committing himself.  I call it his Obama Factor.


Stage 2

Waiting/Checking –  Here he waits at the door to see whether we’re coming, or if he should just nose the door open himself.  The amount of time he’ll wait is a combination of his mood, whether he just got up for a nap, whether Howard/myself are on a direct path to the shed, and the amount of noise the mice are making.


Step 3

Actual Shed Time – Here’s where we get to the meat of the matter — why we’re here.  Why are we here again?  Oh…right…to stare, without moving or making a sound, at a pile of chopped wood for up to 45 minutes at a time — the current record — and that ended only because Howard made him come in so we could lock up for the night.


Step 4

The Exit – Again, he makes no sudden moves when exiting the shed.  After all, you never know what may have happened in the seeming eons since you focused your attention on the middle of a woodpile where some mice live — even though common sense dictates that they’re more likely somewhere closer to the bottom of the pile — mere details.

And details are nothing when you’ve found your life’s purpose.


  1. Great story, Theresa. Once, I had a dog called Imo (stood for the 100th monkey)who was a Great Ratter. Half Boston terrier / half English cocker spaniel, Imo could not sit still. Were he a child, he would’ve been put on Ritalin or somesuch and diagnosed ADD, HyperActive, you name it. He was simply OTTD (Over The Top Dog). Catch him at the entrance to a rat nest and it was another story. Dead quiet, he’d be. Until the first rat popped his nose out. Wham! Snap! Drop! Back to sit absolutely silent and still. Until the second rat popped his nose out. Wham! Snap! Drop! Nary a squeak from the rat–didn’t have time.

  2. My hunch? There’s probably a rat in there somewhere!

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