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New Year’s Resolution #4 – Eat Less Meat

In Island Life on January 11, 2010 at 5:01 am

Notice how it doesn’t say Eat NO meat?  That kind of resolution would be completely undoable in this house.  Trust me.  Even our veggie burgers have bacon on them — 1 (very moderate) piece each.  I’ll go one step better worse:  We fry the veggie patties in the bacon fat.  YUM.


A couple of lines into my post about eating less meat and I’m gleefully talking about frying veggie burgers in bacon.  Not much of a Gulf Islander, many would say.  However, in my defense, you should know that it’s not just any bacon…


It’s Red Barn bacon — we hoard its house-smoked (twice)-SWEET-salty-thick-cut goodness in our freezer.  I know of many fellow Penderites who bring kilos of the stuff back from trips to the Big Island. (Don’t deny it, you know who you are.)

I think it best to kill this here before it gets any worse (though at this point, I question how that could happen). I’ll just go get my copy of In Defense of Food — I think I need a little talking to from Michael Pollan.

  1. Hi Theresa
    recently at our local store I found All Natural Pork Jowls – makes gorgeous lardons, or countless other uses.

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