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Pictures from Pender Island

In Island Life on January 9, 2010 at 5:01 am

Since I made my first post on this blog almost a month-and-a-half ago, I have collected some beautiful pictures.  This coming from someone who, before then, didn’t really pick up a camera unless on a particularly exoctic vacation or momentous event.

But now that I’m looking, I see shots everywhere — everywhere in our kitchen, in our yard, and on our little 60 km² (23 mi²) island…here’s a shot I took on my way to work the other morning:


As you can see from the next ones, getting a focused picture of the Dooze is proving tricky…



On a sunny day before Christmas, Koda and I went down to Boat Nook to chill out on the bench and enjoy the view:


And then we took the stairs down to the water only to find this unusual piece of garbage washed up on the shore:


And here are a couple of pictures from the kitchen that are, as of yet, unseen:



Thanks for stopping by!

  1. Very beautiful sunset photo and you live on an iland on the Gulf.
    The last photo is perfect a simple record of preparations in the kitchen; I have a glass juicer just like it that I got at a flea market, one persons junk is another’s treasure.

    • Thank you so much for your comments! The juicer was my grandmothers…I will never replace it — it squeezes every last drop!

      • I use my glass juicer to squeeze fresh lemon juice for my sauteed fresh spinach in olive oil and garlic, if you love lemons and citrus flavors, you’ll like the taste prepared this way.
        Pender Island looks like a beautiful place to live with an interesting history of the origins.

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