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Sunday Lunch – Grilled Cheese w/ Roasted Jalapeno Mayo

In Recipes, Sunday Lunch on December 27, 2009 at 8:58 am

grilled cheese-dill-pickle

leaving the turkey behind

Aged cheddar cheese, oven roasted tomatoes and red onion with roasted jalapeno mayo and s&p on Medicine Beach Market’s organic sourdough multi-grain.  Nuked in the microwave for 45 sec at 75% power to start the cheese melting.  Fried with unsalted butter in my beloved cast-iron pan.  Served with (of course) a kosher dill.


my secret stash

Don’t tell Howard – I managed to stash these away in the back of the fridge the last time I made a batch of oven roasted tomatoes…I covered them with an olive/safflower oil mix, and layered some thyme branches in as well.  Despite my repeated pleadings that these “are an ingredient, not a snack,” I hold little hope that they’ll last much beyond the new year — your best wishes are appreciated.


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