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Online Guift Guide – The IV Practical Kitchen

In Kitchen Tips on December 14, 2009 at 5:01 am

Most women would advise you that practical gifts, including kitchen items and appliances are not a good gift idea.  Especially if the gift is coming from their significant other.  For many, these types of gifts summon visions of chains and bare-feet stretching ad infinitum.

However, there exists a sub-section of the population that consider a quality kitchen gadget a highly desirable, gush-over type of gift.  You may have guessed that I’m one of them.


it's kinda cute, isn't it?

This multi-purpose pot comes with a straining lid — ideal for pasta, veggies, grains, etc.   And, it is easily the most visually appealing pot I own.  Not important, but embarrassingly the original reason why I bought it.


no more bending

You can’t get much more practical than a set of measuring cups, but this clever design means allows you to read the level from above — no more checking and adjusting levels.

Instant Read Thermometer

one does it all - candy, meat, bread...

There are times when temperature is the only, or at least the much preferred, method of determining doneness.  An instant-read probe thermometer is the only thermometer you’ll need.  (Except for maybe an oven thermometer — but that is so EXTREMELY PRACTICAL that I can’t in good conscience recommend one as a gift.)


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