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Online Gift Guide – The IV Novelty Kitchen

In Kitchen Tips on December 14, 2009 at 5:02 am

how long since I fed the sourdough starter?

Pretty much everything at Lee Valley Tools is cool, including these little digital day counters, which come in pairs with magnetic or suction-cup backs.


salt, tequila, lime

You may not want ice-cold shooters in December, but what about July…August…you’ll thank me then, trust me.  This silicon shooter glass mould makes 4 glasses at a time.  Plan ahead for parties, or buy a couple!


car camping at its best

Whether you’re hot & bothered and stuck in the woods (and somehow have managed to keep ice frozen while hiking), or more realistically, are at your wits end with the 4th multi-day power outage in 1 winter and have decided to use the snow on the ground to make yourself a much-needed margarita — you’ll need this hand-crank blender to do the job properly.  Serve the drinks right in this.


it ain't just for toast anymore

This convection toaster oven may belong in the Practical Guide, but I love this oven so much, that I think everyone should have one, even if you don’t really need it.  Since it was delivered about a month ago, I have used it instead of the big oven for pretty much everything, including roasting a whole chicken, except bread.


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