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Sunrise, Sunset

In Island Life on December 13, 2009 at 6:02 am

Because of our sheltered location, Pender has a pretty moderate climate.  A typical winter will see (maybe) a couple of days below freezing and a couple of inches of snow for a day or two, but the rest of the time we hover a degree or two above freezing, with not as much rain as Vancouver or Victoria.

A big windstorm this past week blew in some early cold temps for us, but it also blew the clouds away.  So for 2 glorious days this week, we had clear sunny skies.  I was so stunned on the first day, that I didn’t even think to take some photos to post, but my head had cleared by the second day, and I was able to capture sunrise and sunset on the same day.


remind you of on golden pond?

This is (a frozen) Magic Lake.  Koda and I walk through the little park here pretty much every morning on our way to the forest trails.


island heaven

All 3 of us took a hike up the Oak Bluff trail to catch the sunset.  We were up there for a while, but once the sun was gone we hurried back through the woods and to the warmth of my car seat heater.  (I didn’t think I was a seat-heater-kinda girl, but it was an included option in the car, and if it’s there, you may as well use it, is what I say.)

Anyway, here’s Howard and Koda checking out the action off the bluff.  We’ve had Koda for almost 3 months now, and we noticed that he loves a view from a height.  He can just sit and enjoy a vista for long periods.


on the bluff


on the edge

And for your viewing pleasure, Howard also captured one of me in action:


bluffing my way through

The hat is actually holding a pile of wet hair out of my face — I don’t typically go for the bullet head look (just so you know).


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