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Cook It Myself Fast Food – Vanilla Latté

In Recipes on December 4, 2009 at 4:56 pm
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As I mentioned briefly, we live on a small island.  We have no chains here.  No McD’s, no BK, no DQ, and no Starbucks.  This, for the most part, is a good thing – both on the wallet and the body’s ability to process toxic food — except when I HAVE TO HAVE  large fries and a 1-shot DRY cappuccino. (I realize that this combination would require separate trips through 2 different drive-thrus.  But I don’t get out much rarely get into town, so I like to double up to make sure all of cravings are satiated.)

So when our old faithful Italian electric cappuccino maker packed it in, we bought a new stovetop model (better for the more-common-than-you’d -think power outages we live through here – now we can always make a capp on our little Coleman propane camping stove!)

To make a vanilla latté at home, we use simple syrup, which I usually have on hand in the fridge – if not, it only takes a couple of minutes to make.  We also use a pure vanilla extract that was a gift from our neighbours on their last trip to Mexico.

Pour 30ml (2 T or 1oz) simple syrup into the bottom of the mug.  Add ½ t vanilla, or more to taste, then pour the hot espresso/milk/foam over and serve.  Inhale deeply before consuming.

This is a much more subtle version than what you will find at any of the big chain coffee houses.  I find the sweetness of the simple syrup and pure vanilla so much more palatable than the synthetic taste of commercially available flavoured coffee syrups.

WAIT — it’s Friday — don’t let me get started on a Glucose-Fructose rant.  I’ll save that for another day…

Have a good weekend all.  See you Monday.


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